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Adam has previously admitted that he didn’t handle the release of GiAnt well, ’trying to be in control of all angles of the development of the game and release was a lot of pressure, especially when the game started to get a little bit of notice’. Adam pointed out being published in a ‘Top 5 Must Watch Indie Games of 2016’ in an Australian games magazine. ‘I started to feel that people were starting to take notice, and if it fails, it will be noticed’. Adam states that he released ‘GiAnt’ too early. ‘It wasn’t finished, not even close, but the release date hit so I placed my hand over my eyes and hit ‘Launch’, biggest mistake. The people who were waiting for the game weren’t happy with the quality, the game mechanics nor the story. I’d rushed the release and as soon as the bad reviews started hitting I started to panic. I convinced Steam to pull the release back to an ‘Early Access’ release and I gave myself a month to take note of everything that everyone was saying about GiAnt on board and fix the game’. Adam worked ferociously through to make right what he’d done, but unfortunately the damage had already been done.

Adam has now released a statement to not make those mistakes again. ‘I love making mistakes just as much as I love losing! When you lose, you learn from everything that happened to make you lose, you take that, you get better, then make sure you don’t ever lose again!’

With this ‘Wreck Tangle Games’ has shown off a brand new logo, with promises of a new website in coming weeks and an exciting brand new IP to show off even sooner. With the problems ironed out, and the loses lost, we believe ‘Adam’ and ‘Wreck Tangle Games’ are to win with their next idea.

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