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There are not many online games in the world that can boast such a variety of locations, quests, game characters, and content as the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

The game is so difficult in places that players buy WoW boosters to upgrade their character, go through difficult dungeons, or participate in hard-level raids. Boosting companies help players save time on difficult or boring activities, so players can spend more time for their pleasure, taking part in the content they like more. Many years ago, the first WoW players did not have such an opportunity, so in our time it has become much easier and more interesting to play.


We will cover all the essential information regarding tailoring in Dragonflight in this article.

Common info about tailoring in WoW Dragonflight

In Dragonflight representatives of the tailoring profession have the ability to craft bags (for example Azure Bag of Expedition). They can also craft leg enchants for spellcasters and healers, such as Frozen Spellthread.

The main change to tailoring in Dragonflight is the introduction of crafting specializations. Having reached level 25 of the profession, all the players may choose any specialization they desire and start developing it with the help of special points – Knowledge. They are a reward for weekly quests and “first” crafting, are given for using Dragon Tracts, and drop out as special items from disposable chests in the open world, etc.

Note: Players have the option to unlock all career specialties and completely upgrade them, although this task might be challenging because many sources of Knowledge are scarce. Players could only obtain new Knowledge through weekly quests and reading Dragon treatises, both of which have a seven-day cooldown before you may utilize them when all one-time chests in the Dragon Isles have been depleted and each tailoring recipe has been created once.

What class is better to choose for Tailoring

One of the finest jobs for making gold is tailoring. This is particularly impacted by abilities that let you remove the common fabric and a bolt of elemental cloth from defeated opponents more effectively. It complements classic farming classes, which can swiftly gather a huge number of monsters into a pile and kill them. Balance/Guardian Druids and Beast Mastery Hunters are some of them.

What about the stats of this profession in WoW 10.0.2?

Each profession now has unique traits, like Overproduction, Resourcefulness, Inspiration, and Speed, thanks to the introduction of Dragonflight.

All four criteria are helpful to tailors, but if you want to produce high-quality things like the Azureweave Mantle, we advise concentrating on improving your Inspiration and Resourcefulness. These traits will let you produce products with the greatest quality rank with the fewest resources. Inspiration and Overproduction are helpful if you want to concentrate on crafting rolls like Bolt of Azureweave.

How to level up this profession

Once you’re in the Dragon Isles, the first thing to do is learn to tailor. You can find a teacher at the Embassy of the Winged Orphanage. So you can pump and simultaneously develop a profession without wasting time.

To improve your tailoring skills, you need to craft items that grant profession levels as before, but your main goal should be to find the Knowledge needed to develop a specialization. Without them, it will not be possible to unlock new talents that provide useful bonuses and increase crafting characteristics.

The main source of Knowledge is the “first craft” of each tailoring recipe. They can also be obtained from the Draconic Treatise on Tailoring (created by scribes, sold through the order system, and have a cooldown to use for 7 days).

Equipment for the tailor in WoW 10.0.2

Tailors, like other artisans, can use three different pieces of equipment:

  • Spring Draconite Tailor’s Shears or Spring Khaz’gorite Tailor’s Shears – Crafted by Engineers;
  • Tailor’s Elementalweave Jacket or Tailor’s Dragonweave Vestment – crafted by tailors;
  • Draconite Needle Set or Khaz’gorite Needle Set – Crafted by blacksmiths.

Green-grade Artisan gear becomes soulbound when equipped, so it can be crafted and auctioned without any restrictions. Recipes for crafting it are learned from a professional teacher. Blue-quality equipment is bound to the character immediately after being crafted. It can only be obtained or sold through the order system. To learn the recipes required to create blue crafting equipment, you need to level up your reputation with a certain faction.

How to make money with tailoring in Dragonflight 10.0.2?

Tailoring allows the player to turn cheap cloth and other materials into expensive high-level gear, equipment enchantments, crafting tools, and more. Armor of a high-quality rank is especially popular with players, so you can make good money on it.

As for other items, such as enchantments, they are unlikely to be expensive sometime after the expansion launches, however, if you learn how to craft them in large quantities with minimal material costs, then perhaps they will become a good source of additional income.

Professions in World of Warcraft provide players with valuable skills, such as crafting powerful gear, potions, and enchants to enhance their character’s abilities. They also allow players to gather resources and make a profit by selling their products to other players. Having a strong profession is an important aspect of the game that can greatly contribute to a player’s success and enjoyment. One of the factors contributing to WoW’s high ranking is the abundance of unique professions available. Rich history, an immersive setting, a wide variety of people and animals, and ongoing updates and expansions keep the game interesting and new.

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