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Where to find Black Armory Crate And How To Get Access To The Volundyr Forge

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Dark Light

So the Black Armory Update is upon us, and every guardian worth his salt is running around trying to grind his light level to 610, so they can take the Forge challenge.

But there are some others, who are yet to discover the forge itself. For such weary guardians, we are here to lend a hand.

Remember, while the black armory cutscene plays for all Destiny 2 players, only those with the Annual Pass can access the Black Armory content. If you are unsure whether you own the pass, just boot up the game, head to the director, and looks for the Season 5 icon on the top right corner of the screen. Click it and you will not only see a calendar for all the content which is planned for the Season but also a bright checkbox to confirm whether you own the pass or not.

Now, moving onto gaining access to the Forge. The Quest is broken down into various steps and involves a lot of killing.

  1. Head over to Spider in the Scattered Shores, and acquire a Black Armory access card.
  2. Next head over to the Annex in the Tower and interact with ADA-1, the new EXO vendor and representative of the Black Armory.
  3. One short cutscene later, and you now have a Machine Gun Frame, to activate the same you need to complete 2 activities both on the EDZ:
      1. Collect 25 Compound Ether.
        This is basically you killing Fallen enemies in different parts of EDZ, just kill and collect this resource.


    1. Find a Weapon Core from a Black Armory crate.
      This one is a little more tricky. For starters, this can only be achieved in either the Gulch or The Outskirts area of the EDZ. Head over to any one of these areas, and just do guardian things. Kill enemies, loot chests, participate in a public event (just spread the light). But as soon as the message, “A Forge Saboteur has appeared” or “Destroy Shield Drones” appears, start looking for a Yellow Barred Servitor, called “The Forge Saboteur”. In my experience, it takes about 15 minutes for the servitor to appear, and he appears with some shield drones around him, which you would need to take down before you can do some damage. Or you can be sneaky and just shoot the shield drone around the chest the Servitor is protecting. Be careful though, it might be EDZ but the Servitor can deal some serious damage.
  4. Alright, next up Power Weapon Kills. Like every other step its divided into 2 semi steps
    1. Get 15 Multi Kills using Power Weapons.
    2. Get 50 HIVE Kills using Power Weapons fast.
      The best way to do this is to equip Thunderlord, and just go on over to Mars, and boot up an Escalation Protocol. Its a HIVE centric wave mode, and there is a lot of power ammo around in this mode. You should be done before the end of wave 2.
  5. Kill 25 powerful enemies.
    These are enemies, with a yellow/orange health bar. This time, however, the Power Weapon restriction is removed. So try out escalation Protocols, The Blind Well, Gambit, Public Events, Strikes and whatever else strikes your fancy.
  6. Collect 20 Radiance Of Light.
    Which is basically a reskin of step 5, since Powerful enemies drop them.


And that’s it, once you are done grinding through all of that, you would have unlocked the first Black Armoy Forge, the Volundyr Forge. You can check out how to fire up the forge here. But beware, it has a minimum light level requirement of 610. Happy Hunting. Guardian.

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