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Victor Zuev has won. The ruthless crime lord now controls the town of Ripton. All the officials are on his payroll, businessmen are at his mercy, the local police have surrendered to his will and his opposition has been smashed to pieces. Well, not quite all his opposition, exactly: there is a small ragtag squad of true policemen who still believe in the words “to serve and protect” and will fight against all odds to serve justice and to protect the citizens. Not all heroes wear badges…

Discover their struggle in Rebel Cops, a new turn-based tactics title in the This Is The Police universe coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on September 17th, 2019.

Watch the announcement trailer below:

You’re always out-gunned, out-numbered and low on resources. Your team is driven: not by beating the odds, but by the will to hunt down crime lord Zuev and restore justice in Ripton, and is fully prepared to sacrifice everything in the process. Hungry for better weapons and tools? Look beyond the main goals of each sandbox mission (where you’ll be rescuing hostages and eliminating Zuev’s henchmen) to complete optional side goals and explore other areas to unearth useful equipment.

But beware: every step you take is a risk. Rebel Cops is an unforgiving game, and every bullet can end a cop’s life. There are no hitpoints: even if your trooper is shot in the foot they can still bleed out. So make sure to guide them safely through each encounter. The more experience they get, the more skilled they become.

About Rebel Cops
Rebel Cops is a turn-based tactics stealth game set in the This Is the Police universe. In Rebel Cops, you control a squad of ex-police officers united by a desire to take down their town’s new criminal overlord. The spin-off will focus on turn-based stealth gameplay, with unforgiving combat and vast levels to explore.

Key Features

  • Fight the corrupt authority: After criminal mastermind Viktor Zuev took over the town of Ripton, you and your fellow police officers have gone rogue to do what must be done. Perform tactical turn-based missions to undermine Zuev’s allies and bring the power back to the people.
  • No hitpoints, no forgiveness: You are out-manned and outgunned. Use stealth tactics and cover to approach the enemy quietly and take them down before they can raise any alarms. There are no health bars in Rebel Cops: once shot, your officers will bleed out unless you act fast to save them.
  • Explore, loot, and watch your back: Rebel Cops features a large number of scenarios, from compact operations to big, open-ended locations to explore. Build up your street cred in Ripton by helping out local folks in side missions and get rewarded for exploring the levels thoroughly.
  • Take the high moral road – or not: Justice must be served, but it’s up to you to choose how that happens. Will you play by Zuev’s merciless rules? Will you help the desperate townspeople, even if it means putting your operation at risk? In Rebel Cops, your reputation will affect your team’s morale and even the merchants’ prices.

Rebel Cops will be arriving on September 17th on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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