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Developer Atomic Wolf announced 4 Minutes to the Apocalypse, an action-adventure RPG that puts you in the shoes of one of the few people on the planet with access to nuclear missile launch codes. Would you be able to press the button that activates weapons capable of ending our entire civilization? Atomic Wolf’s upcoming game will take what you think of yourself and confront it with what you’re actually capable of. 4 Minutes to the Apocalypse is planned to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021.

Watch the announcement teaser below:

Instead of a brutal conflict lasting for years and slowly bleeding out the entire human population, as we’ve always imagined, the next world conflict was short, yet deadly effective. The nuclear blasts lasted for only a few hours. And today, those that survived neither know who started it or why. Maybe it was a random decision made by somebody with too much power or too big an ego? A human mistake or computer error? Who cares? Anyway, everyone who might have known is long gone. And to those that survived, the knowledge is irrelevant, as it wouldn’t change the situation they ended up in.


The history of the world we know shrank into two time periods only: “before” and “after.” Before the first rocket attack, and after it, when everything started to happened so fast it’s now hard to determine the exact course of events. Retaliatory strikes were launched one after another with only a few minutes interval. Millions of people were swept off the face of the earth in seconds, the largest cities were razed to the ground, command centers were destroyed, and governments ceased to exist. Those who survived wished they were dead, as they were left to face a world where each passing hour and day plunged into ever-increasing chaos. And yet, this was just the beginning.

For some unknown reason, the vast majority of weapons that belong to the arsenal called “The Last Day Weapons” were not used. Created to deter, and now left without any control, they are powerful enough to end what remains of life on our planet if they fall into the wrong hands. One of the most dangerous weapons of this arsenal is the Arizona-12 – a secret submarine and military unit that you’re serving on. It doesn’t take long for anybody who still has any sort of power left to start asking themselves who will take control over it – and what it will be used for.


  • Explore the sinister space of the Arizona-12.
  • Discover the secret behind events that happened on the submarine during the nuclear blast.
  • Fight with enemies using weapons you’re able to find, or even the everyday object surrounding you.
  • When all else fails, and you have no chance against your opponent in a direct encounter, look for hiding places so as not to get killed.
  • Try to take control of the submarine and stop the inevitable.

4 Minutes to the Apocalypse is currently under development and planned to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021.

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