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Turtle Rock has announced that Evolve (the crazy futuristic alien-monster thingie battling game) is now free to play on steam! If you’ve bought the game, you’d probably think you’ve been ripped off…But thats far from the case…All those who purchased the game will be granted Founder status, keep all purchased add-on content and be honoured with “gifts, rewards, and special access” for as long as the shooter is in active development!

The news was expected, as Evolve went dark on Steam earlier today, but wait, there’s more! Turtle Rock has mentioned that the games gonna go back into beta on PC while it gets a thorough going over…well they’re consistent, I’ll give them that…..

Turtle Rock, which began working on the title under now-defunct publisher THQ, saw its aspirations start to crumble as Evolve neared release. A confusing set of purchase options and an overblown controversy over cosmetic DLC left gamers feeling lukewarm before they even got to try it for themselves.

Now you can unlock cosmetics in-game right away with silver keys. However, Steam Workshop support will not be present. Turtle Rock is considering adding it later, as well as the option for players to design items to be sold on the marketplace.

Console players might have a similar transition to look forward to. However, Turtle Rock wants to make sure things are in good shape on PC before considering an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 conversion….

Turtle Rock is giving Evolve another chance, which few could have predicted…. We’ll see if the free-to-play gambit pays off and players who clamored for that model from the start give the game another shot…..

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