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Warhammer Chaosbane’s Invasion Patch Delayed – Coming Next Week With New Gear Rarity Level and More Content

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We let you know last week that Eko Software would be releasing a new update to its ARPG Warhammer: Chaosbane which adds a new endgame mode called Invasion this week. But due to the need for extra QA time for balancing and tuning, the update has been delayed to next week.

To make up for this delay, Eko Software has just announced that the update will come with a brand new loot rarity level, T5, something that the game desperately needed.

Here are the current patch notes:


  • A new rarity level for gear T5 (Green) gear that provides a new upgrade for all armours, rings, weapons and amulets.

  • Invasion Mode

    • Over 100 nodes to explore

    • New Unlockable Items

      • Potions (passive skills)

      • Rings (objects)

  • Addition of a rank system to Invasion Mode

  • Additional Graphics Options Added

    • Depth of Field (On/Off)

    • Temporal Anti-Aliasing (On/Off)

    • MLAA (On/Off)

    • Volumetric Lighting (On/Off)

    • Option To Limit FPS

  • Balancing Changes

    • Bosses difficulty

    • Loot drop rate


  • Passive Slots Upgraded to 6

  • Fanity Slots Upgraded to 12

  • Players will no longer die to DOT (Damage Over Time) effects alone

  • 10 new levels of reputation have been added to the collector’s guild.

  • Missing sounds have been added

  • Two new levels of difficulty have been added (Chaos 6 & 7)

Bug Fixes (Resolved)

  • Pets now increase pick-up radius correctly

  • Various fixes for random crashes

  • Various bug fixes for multiplayer

  • Various stats related to skills have been fixed

Bug Fixes (In Progress)

  • Crashes in multiplayer

  • Backup bugs (lost character progression) in multiplayer

  • Loot drops frequency issue for multiplayer games and disappearing ground objects.

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