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PlayStation Store has revealed microtransaction prices for Uncharted 4 ranging from $5 to $50 [approx 340 to 3340 INR].

Basically, microtransaction are the exchange rate of virtual money against real world money.

Uncharted 4’s microtransaction are mostly for the post-launch multiplayer content.

It’ll cost, in terms of real money, $5(340 INR) for 500 points. $10(670 INR) for 1,500 points, $20(1,340 INR)  for 3,200 points, $35(2,340 INR) will give you 6,500 points and lastly, $50 will treat you with 10,000 points(that’s the price of a full game).

These points can be spend for unlocking in-game items like hats, skins, and taunts and can be bought only using the game currency.

[Note: The Indian pricing is just a rough estimate we get after consulting Google.]
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