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Epic Games has been making a volley from the Epic Games Store, allowing them to expand into newer, unexplored markets. India is definitely foremost on their list – a market Epic has been eyeing keenly for a long time. The best way for the company to properly introduce themselves to prominent game developers in the region is to bring them together in a discussion. Guess what – that’s exactly what they’re doing. Unreal India will be hosting its first digital meetup on October 15 from 4 PM to 6 PM IST. The meetup will be attended by the Unreal India team as well as prominent Unreal developers from the region. The session will begin with an Unreal Engine 4.26 preview presentation delivered by Epic’s Chris Murphy, followed by some deeper dives into the work done by regional Unreal developers and studios.

It’s no secret that Epic Games has been developer-friendly since the launch of the Epic Games Store. The Epic Games Store takes only 12% from game sales, while totally waiving the licensing fees for hosting a game made in Unreal Engine 4 on the store. Moreover, they have also made the Epic Online Services free for any developer to build into their game. No wonder you’ll only be screaming if you’re on the buyer’s side of things and not on the developer’s side – these benefits are significant.

Raji – An Ancient Epic has proven to be a solid title and paved the path for Epic’s entry into the Indian scene. India is a scene mostly known for fantasy sports and mobile games, so a title made for the PC and the consoles will naturally raise a few eyebrows. There are still some doubts about their future ambitions regarding the subcontinent, but their desire to chalk out a way to implement regional pricing by 2021 does mean they are eager to get into (and possibly improve) the country’s gaming scene.

Epic is banking on Unreal India as well as transactions in regional prices to woo Indian customers.

Here’s to hoping this digital meetup is a great success – something which might change the notion that India is only a region for fantasy sports and mobile games.

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