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Recently we share the news that Ubisoft will be running a hiring drive on the 19th of January at the IBIS hotel, in Benagaluru.

Well, it has turned out that Ubisoft will be continuing this recruitment drive on the 20th and 21st of Jan as well, but this time at BIEC Bangalore from their booth at IGS South 2018.

Ubisoft will be looking for artistes and programmers for their team. You can register for the recruitment drive below:

Register Link

Ubisoft is one of the many big names attached to the India Gaming Show South this year along with (but not limited to) Hyper X, Gigabyte, PlayStation India and Dell India.

So if you are in Bangalore, and you have been on the outlook for an oppurtunity to work in video games, this is your chance.

You can register for IGS South 2018 HERE.

For more IGS South news, keep checking back here.

India Gaming Show South 2018, is the southern cousin of the India Gaming Show proper. Happening at BIEC, Bangalore from the 19-21 of Jan, the event is backed by CII and is India’s answer to Gamescom and E3. IndianNoob is proud to be an online media partner of India Gaming Show South 2018.

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