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Indie developer Luis Antonio‘s debut game Twelve Minutes has snagged a Hollywood star-studded voice cast, thanks to its publisher Annapurna Interactive. The trailer for this top-down interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop, recently got featured in Gamescom 2020. The three characters are – the man voiced by James McAvoy (X-Men, Split, Glass), the woman by Daisy Ridley (Star Wars) and the intruder by Willem Dafoe (Lighthouse, Antichrist).

In a recent Xbox Wire article, Luis Antonio said “Twelve Minutes blends the genres of film and games within an interactive thriller, and these extraordinary actors are perfect for bringing the nuanced and complex characters into the world.” The actors also provided an exclusive look to Entertainment Weekly into how they recorded for their roles during the ongoing pandemic.


The game’s story is about a couple’s romantic evening at home, which gets violently interrupted by a home intruder who knocks them out. The man wakes up twelve minutes earlier and is forced to witness the harrowing incident again and again until he is able to figure out the truth behind this nightmare and break the loop. Twelve Minutes does not have a planned release date yet, but will probably be ready by the end of this year for its launch on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X (console launch exclusivity).

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