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El Presidente is pleased to welcome you to his tiny island nation of Tropico. Tropico 6 is now officially available for preorder on all available platforms, including the Kalypso store, Steam, and other retailers like Humble Bundle, GamersGate and Green Man Gaming.

Preorders grant you instant access to the Tropico 6 closed beta. All preorders have a 10% off their price tag on Steam, with the Standard Edition having a cost of 890 INR (after discount). The El Prez Edition adds some extra in-game content like a tourist outfit for El Presidente, a Flamingo Pond in the Presidential Palace, the digital soundtrack and the famous digital calendar.

Tropico 6 adds the concept of multiple islands, as well as new methods of transportation for traversal across the islands. Construct the several Wonders of the world on Tropico to bring in tourists and immigrants to add to your island’s workforce. The biggest possible feature that is making a comeback is election speeches, which was one of the biggest selling points for Tropico 4.

  1. I’m definitely getting this, there’s not much like it out there, most companies try to only be like call of duty now and I want something different.

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