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If you wanted to get yourself a ticket on a steamer to Tropico, at the invitation of everyone’s beloved El Presidente, then you might need to shell out a little more just to get on the boat, particularly if you’re an immigrant from India.

Tropico 6 has received a price revision, increasing its price from 989 INR to 1099 INR for the standard edition, and the El Presidente Edition from 1099 INR to 1149 INR. Tropico 6’s price revision comes at a time developers are trying to do away with regional pricing, and it isn’t even the first title to have received a price revision. Ubisoft and EA titles moved away from regional pricing almost an year ago, and now even smaller publishers like CD Projekt Red and Kalypso seems to be moving away from regional pricing.

The price change isn’t unique to Steam. Every retailer offering regional pricing has adopted the new pricing, suggesting that the move has been initiated by Kalypso themselves.

On the bright side, the price revision isn’t as atrocious as past ones, recording only a 10% increase in price. However, if you are genuinely interested in Tropio 6, it might be worth buying it now itself before any further price revisions.

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