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Trek To Yomi is no less than a visual masterpiece, where you play as Hiroki, a Samurai. Right from a young age, his master was slain by bandits and he took the oath to protect his people with his life. And soon when he sought to take revenge, he lost everything he swore to protect and ultimately was killed and sent to Yomi (Underworld).

Trek to Yomi is a dynamic story where you have to prove yourself worthy and realize that there is no greater sense and responsibility than duty. It is up to you, to climb the depths and escape Yomi to protect the remaining people you took an oath for. The game releases on May 5th for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Coming from Flying Wild Hog, Leonard Menchiari and published by Devolver Digital, Trek to Yomi will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass on release.


A Sworn Duty to Serve

Hiroki lives in a beautiful village with Aoki, and trains every day with his master to become a samurai and defend the people from all dangers. But Hiroki’s fate had different plans for him, and tragedy hit him before he was even ready for it. His village is raided by the bandits that came in numbers and Hiroki’s master was clearly no match for the raid.

The sensei decides to distract the bandits away from the village and this is where Hiroki dropped his training sword for the last time and wielded a katana. Before he knew it, his life was already in danger and he was left with no choice but to put his training to good use and slay the first enemy that threatened him, his loved one and his people.

Hiroki didn’t shake after he put the bandit to eternal rest and proceeded to search for his master, running through the destruction done to his village and helping anyone that he could find. With each kill, he felt more confident, and stronger until he was out of the village and finally met the leader of the raid.

Standing face to face, with the biggest threat he ever faced, Hiroki stood strong while he knew he was out skilled. Hiroki didn’t hesitate and welcomed the battle like a true samurai and put a scar on the tyrant’s face. And now Hiroki feared for his life, but luck favoured him and his Sensei came to have his back.

In a matter of brief eye stare and quick slashes, the tyrant was deeply injured and chose to flee. On the other hand, the sensei had won his final battle but now, he had to leave his mortal being. In his last words, he made Hiroki Swear an oath to protect his people, which Hiroki proudly promised to fulfil.

Time passed, and Hiroki grew into a fierce, strong, and maybe the strongest samurai ever. He still wanted revenge and had the thirst to slay every single bandit. Soon he received intel about a group of Samurai kidnapped and held at a nearby village. Hiroki made no delay and went to the nearby village.


Slaying every threat, he came across, he wasted no time finding the captured prisoners, but it was already too late. While fighting the last bladesmith, he realized he was lured away from the village, leaving it unprotected. He made no delay and ran back to the village, finding it completely destroyed and ruined.

Few people remained, but most lay dead. Hiroki knew he had failed his oath. His hunger for revenge overtook him and cost him his people, his loved ones, and most importantly his oath. Before he could pull himself together, Hiroki met with the Tyrant again, who was now stronger and eviler.

Hiroki fought fearlessly but was no match to the Tyrant and was killed. Now trapped in Yomi, Hiroki cannot accept his death. He needs to pay for what he has done, and overcome everything Yomi has for him. Will he be able to escape his death? Will he fulfil his true duty? That, you need to find out yourself.


Respect the Weapon, and it will Respect your Life

Trek to Yomi has been of the most outstanding games to play in 2022. The game was loved by the people ever since the first visuals showed up in the public. And it does live up to the hype by staying true to the experience it promised to deliver.

Trek to Yomi may have a black and white shade to it the entire time, but now I think it couldn’t have been better than this, and the 2 shades served the entire art style and feel of the game well. But what is more special about the entire game is the combat.

Right from the times of trailers, many players thought the combat is a bit clunky and needed rework, but after spending hours into the game, the combat is put in perfectly with the AI adapting to your fighting style right at the moment itself. It is about the perfect timing, skills and placement that will decide how well you will perform in a fight.

Although, sometimes the combat feels too simple and does not evolve much. The pace will remain the same, only the enemies will become more troublesome. The hit registration on enemies will not push them back or stun them, instead, they will hit you back instantly. 

But to top that, the game will constantly introduce new move-sets throughout the game and will also introduce various ranged weapons that will give you more ways to approach the enemies. 


A Monochrome Experience of the Year

Trek to Yomi is a brilliant visual masterpiece. Partnered with great atmospheric music, dialogues and sound effects, the game feels no less than a movie itself. Each asset that you can put your eye upon at any set of the scene has been crafted with detail and intense research. No area seems repetitive even if it’s based on the same location.

As you progress throughout the game, you will come across stages and scenes specially crafted to have captured the environment. Even if you have the ability to dash through the entire scene, you will purposely wait and absorb what the world has to offer you.

The game leaves no points for having any graphic flaws. While some people may not appreciate it well, I have been blown away by the experience that Trek To Yomi has to offer.  


A Monochrome Experience of the Year

Trek To Yomi is a surreal cinematic experience based on times when Samurai existed. You play as Hiroki and get to experience his traumatic fate and his journey where he travels to a depth of Yomi itself only to protect the people he took an oath to protect. The combat system is straightforward and sometimes troublesome, but the cinematic experience put throughout the chapters of the game will have you hooked. I proudly give the game a super 8/10. Personally, you don’t want to miss this title at all!


Disclaimer: Code Provided by developers for the purpose of a review.

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