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Realms Deep3D Realms’s shooter-focused digital event, came to a close yesterday with more special guests and updates from show partners.

Today marks the end of the 3D Realms’ deluge of announcements, including the reveal of Jasozz Games’ CULTIC and new updates on upcoming titles Core DecayIon Fury: Aftershock, and GRAVEN. Go hands-on with CULTIC’s first map today for free. Creep through a mysterious Antarctic research facility in Core Decay’s first demo coming later this year. Aftershock launches Q1 2022, and to ease the wait, a 2.0 update for Ion Fury revamps controller support, offers improved features for mappers, adds a new inventory system, and more.

Finally for 3D Realms, GRAVEN’s first major content update launches later this year, introducing four-player online co-op and a new library level. Scour the world for heretics as a team of four banished souls. Solve environmental puzzles and purge evil as a team or explore new content as a solo player.

Show partners Slipgate IronworksDevolver Digital1C EntertainmentRunning with ScissorsNew Blood InteractiveHYPERSTRANGE, and many more shared updates to more than 100 titles at the show. Among those announcements, 1C Entertainment launched fast old-school FPS Dread Templar into early access and Destructive Creations announced a release date for War Mongrels.

Miss out on any of the reveals? Check out 3D Realms’ YouTube page to catch up, then go to the Realms Deep Vault available on the show’s official website for bonus content. A special Realms Deep Steam Sale offering discounts on games seen throughout the show ends Monday, August 16, 10AM PDT. Purchase exclusive Realms Deep merchandise while it lasts. All profits from merchandise sales go directly to charity.

“And that’s a wrap on our second Realms Deep!” said Frederik Schreiber, CEO of 3D Realms. “We’re definitely going to keep doing this, so we hope to see you next year when we can spotlight even more kickass shooters.”

Realms Deep 2021 ends today with content drops on the Realms Deep website. For more information, visit the official Realms Deep website, follow 3D Realms on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube, join the team’s Discord and check out the official 3D Realms website.

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