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Gaming is an expensive hobby as it is and the import taxes applied on hardware doesn’t make it any easy for us Indians. Thankfully, due to Steam’s regional pricing, we can enjoy a wide variety of games at a lower price, many a times at the cost of having an open mindset. For simplicity, we have chosen games with a price range of INR 250-500 that were released after 2010 since we have also done an article on games below INR 250 within the same timeline. We have also tried to keep the list of games as diverse as possible. So without further ado, let’s get right into the list:


Furi was in our runners up list for 2016 and with good reason. The game revolves around long challenging boss fights and the the feeling of immense satisfaction after beating a boss is unparalleled. A perfect blend of twin stick shooting and close quarter combat that requires twitch reflexes and can be hair pulling-ly tough, if it is a challenge that ye seek, then this is the game for you.

Steam page can be found HERE.


Superhot is not your typical FPS; it follows the concept of “time stops when you stop”. Easily one of the most unique concepts for a FPS in recent times, Superhot is an easy puzzle game that lets you live your power fantasy of being a certified badass through replays.

Steam page can be found HERE.

Nex Machina

It’s sad that Housemarque will be moving on from a genre that they have almost perfected, but Nex Machina is a great swansong to the developers. Nex Machina is a twin stick shooter with frenetic action, an awesome aesthetic and a beautiful synth wave soundtrack.

Steam page can be found HERE.


Bayonetta finally made it’s way to PC, 8 years after the initial release date. To say the least, Bayonetta doesn’t seem to be that old, *ahem ahem* mechanically. The hack n slash gameplay is as fun as ever with a sorta generic story delivered through over the top cut scenes. But if you are in it for the story, you are at the wrong place. Bayonetta is all about unleashing deadly combos that depend purely on your motor skills.

Steam page can be found HERE.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is basically Dark Souls in pixel art. It’s challenging, has an oppressing atmosphere, is extremely cryptic, has well hidden secrets and an amazing soundtrack. For anyone looking to have an invigorating experience, Hyper Light Drifter is a great 20 hour journey in an almost unknown but immersive world.

Steam page can be found HERE.

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