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The updated news has revealed that the Rise of The Tomb Raider will be released on January 28, and tagging along with it, Crystal Dynamics has also released the Minimum System requirements for the game. No recommended requirements have been released which is surprising in these days of mercilessly cranking up the requirements for power PC users. So without further ado let’s get down to the point at hand:


Minimum Requirements

CPU: Intel i3-2100/ AMD FX-4100

GPU: Nvidia GTX 650/ AMD HD 7770 (Both 2 GB versions)


Hard Disk: 25 GB


The above requirements are quite moderate for modern games and will not give you a run for your money even if you have an average budget PC. A minimum requirement of one of the earliest lower end model of the i3 series suggests that the game is not processor intensive and any system with an Intel Core2Duo processor will be able to run it just fine. 6 GB of RAM is not at all that high and any PC with 4 GB of RAM will suffice. A hard disk requirement of 25 GB is actually pretty less if you compare it with all the games of 2015. Coming to the most importatnt part of a gaming PC, the GPU. The graphic requirements are surprisingly low for a game that looks so gorgeous. A GTX 650 or an AMD 7770 are not very pricey cards. According us any GPU like the Nvidia GT 730 or an AMD R7 250 will run the game just fine if you’re going to be playing on lower resolution.

What do you think of the requirements? Are they what you expected them to be? Let us know in the comments below. We will update you with the recommended requirements for the game as and when they release.


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