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Today, Ubisoft marks the second anniversary of Tom Clancy’s The Division by reaching a milestone of 20 million players worldwide. Since being introduced to the world of Tom Clancy’s The Division, set in New York City during the outbreak of a global pandemic known as “The Dollar Bill Flu”, players continue to experience new features including the Underground, Survival and Last Stand Expansions.

As a thank you for players’ continuous support of the game, Ubisoft has a month of in-game activities planned, including four Global Events from March 1st until March 29th, with one global event per week. Global Events are a live feature in Tom Clancy’s the Division that alter the game experience, by adding modifiers to all in-game activities while granting participating players a chance for special cosmetic and gameplay rewards.

Before its launch, Tom Clancy’s The Division broke the record with the largest Beta phases for a new franchise (6.4 million players). At launch, Tom Clancy’s the Division became the fastest-selling new franchise within the gaming industry. Since its launch, the team has released three expansions and nine significant updates, including new gameplay modes, Dark Zone map expansions, new incursions, gameplay rebalancing and quality of life improvements, along with a wealth of customisation options and live activities. In December 2017, Massive released Update 1.8 – Resistance, the biggest free content update so far, doubling player engagement and generating positive feedback amongst the player community.

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