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An official listing by Amazon Germany has leaked The Sinking City’s release date and preorder bonuses that come along with it. According to the description provided, the game Day One Edition comes with the game, the Investigator Pack that comes with an exclusive investigator outfit, permanent access to a first aid kit and antipsychotics as well as an initial supply of crafting resources, and a physical map of Oakmont. The game is supposed to release on May 24 according to the listing.

                                                                  There hasn’t been an official confirmation about the facts provided by the listing by Frogwares, the developers of the Sinking City, so take these leaks with a pinch of salt. What’s worrying is the permanent first aid kit and antipsychotics that come along with preorders, reducing the difficulty of the game at the cost of people that want to buy the game later. The Sinking City is a singleplayer game, and differences between early adopters and late adopters like these preorder bonuses should not exist.

                        The Sinking City is an open world adventure and exploration game inspired by the universe of HP Lovecraft, the master of horror. The game was developed by Frogwares, a studio that has won many awards for the Sherlock Holmes series. It is rumored to release sometime in 2019.

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