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Seeing fantastic success in its Early Access run, Green Hell now sees the release of its second massive update as detailed in the Green Hell Roadmap. The Water Update brings with it new animals, an entirely new area on the map, fishing, and even new difficulty modes! If you’ve wanted to simply focus on building your camp and enjoying your stay in the jungle, now you can! Continuing to improve upon the game while keeping a keen eye on the requests of their community, Creepy Jar now moves onto developing the third update of the Roadmap, the Combat Update. Keep an eye out for that in the new year!

In celebration of the release of the Water Update, Green Hell will also be receiving a 10% discount for one week only! Head on over to the Green Hell Steam Page to take advantage.

Dive into the Green Hell Water Update and experience more of the Amazon rainforest than ever. Explore the expanded map, but keep a wary eye out for the Black Caiman whose jaws can rip you in two before you can blink! Learn how to craft fishing rods and catch fish for food, or even take a dip into their waters and swim with them. These features and many more make the Water Update Green Hell’s biggest update yet. See all the new features and additions below;

Water Update Additions


  • Angelfish
  • Discus Fish
  • Black Caiman
  • Mystery Snail
  • Prawn
  • Red Crab


  • New Map Area
  • Swimming & Diving
  • Fishing & Fishing Rods
  • New Loading Screens
  • Death Reason Added to Death Screen
  • New Fish Trap
  • New Prawn Trap
  • New Fishing Rod Trap
  • New ‘Fisherman Challenge’


  • A Walk in the Park – Peaceful mode with no hostile attacks. You can still choose to walk into danger yourself, though! Recommended for players who want to focus on building and exploring in the Amazon.
  • Welcome to the Jungle – A balanced survival experience. Recommended for all players.
  • Green Hell – You like pain. Enemies are more hostile, and sanity penalties are increased. Recommended for survival experts!

Focusing on listening to their community while constantly looking to improve the Green Hell experience, Creepy Jar has also made a massive number of changes and fixes which you can find in the detailed changelog on Steam.

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