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Good News for the fans of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, can now get their hands on the new DLC expansion – The Sabotage.

In the Sabotage DLC, players take the role of Robert North, the brother of SGW3’s hero Jonathan North, in a completely new story that challenges both Robert’s skills and his sanity. The Sabotage reveals previously unseen perspective on the war tearing Georgia apart and gives players the opportunity to take up arms fighting for the Separatist Movement.

The New Sabotage DLC includes all new locations, from ancient monasteries and desolate cemeteries to prison camps and military bases, providing new challenges and environments to overcome.

Along with, The Sabotage includes:

  • A completely new campaign including five main missions and side ops
  • A new playable character – Robert North
  • A thrilling story told from the perspective of SGW3’s antagonistic 23 Society
  • A new map with unique locations
  • New “Defend the Position” mission type
  • New “Rescue Separatists” open world event
  • New Most Wanted targets
  • Extreme Navigation & Drone Challenges
  • A new Armoured Lada vehicle
  • A new 23 Society suit consisting of special helmet, armour and weapon

“The Sabotage” single-player campaign DLC is available as a part of the Season Pass for Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One platforms.

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