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The Remaining Invitees to the CSGO Master League of the ESL India Premiership Have Been Unveiled

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The Final Invitees to the DOTA 2 Master League of the ESL India Premiership Have Been Announced

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The Master League is a place for the Elite to show off their skills, before competition forces them off the League. Past competitions, or their performance in other tournaments of the scene – that’s the criteria for getting a spot in the CSGO Master League of the ESL India Premiership. As ESL India puts some final touches to the invite list, they unveil the last few invitees in one post.

The final invitees are Team Malhar, Iyati,  Ate Gaming, Intencity Punes, Invictus, SRA, VAC Banned, and War. Ate Gaming and Team Invictus were the sleeping dogs of the scene, some of the most proficient teams dominating in the Indian esports scene when few people even knew about its existence. What remains to be seen is, will they be able to live up to their past reputation? Iyati, SRA And VAC Banned have also sported decent performances in big tournaments in the past.

These are the final teams to enter the fray, ending speculations about the invite list,and making people excited about the actual games, which are due soon.

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