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The Mumbai qualifier marked the end of the offline tourneys, and a pretty memorable one. Mumbai was one of the first cities where esports and gaming as a whole developed side by side, which meant that they had the infrastructure as well as the ecosystem for the sustenance of tournaments of both mainstream and niche esports. The unique thing about the LudusPro tournament was the new format, which invited a lot of queries from the players.

A hyper-competitive tournament ended with Karan Singh clutching the win against Ansh in the finals. Karan gets his slot in the national tournament, becoming the last person to win one of the offline qualifiers.

LudusPro’s effort in engaging people with some FIFA action in a popular place like The Stables really paid off. Both viewers and players were excited with the tournament, and look forward to the actual action at Lion’s Den, Gir, as it unfolds.

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