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Playing card games is a hobby for many. If you are an avid card player, it will also reflect from the way you decorate your home. The love for playing cards will show in your choice of furniture, lighting, and décor. Here are some innovative ways in which card players give their homes a personal touch:

Club-like Dim Lighting

Card players usually enjoy club-like dim lighting. If you love playing games like Indian Rummy, Poker, Gin Rummy, 28 or Teen Patti, dim lighting will suit your living room perfectly. Make sure all the tables for playing cards are brightly lit while the surroundings are dark. This highlights the game table perfectly creating the right effect.

Impressive Card Murals

A creative person in love with rummy games will surely love to decorate the walls with beautiful card murals. There are many interesting and eye-catching card murals in the design of different picture cards. You will also find posters and stickers of rummy proverbs that are sure to add color to your walls. When you invite friends for a session of cards at your home, they are sure to appreciate your choice of home décor and wall murals.

The Coffee Tables with Adjustable Height

For most people, a coffee table is just a place where you sit and have coffee. Yet, for a card player, things are quite different. He will also spend time playing cards with his rummy circles on the coffee table. That is why a card player should have a coffee table with adjustable height so that he can play cards as per his convenience or have his favorite beverage. There are many innovative coffee tables available online with an adjustable height mechanism for you to choose online. Pick something that goes with the décor of your house and impresses your friend circle too.

Picture Card Coasters

Give the tea-poi another creative touch by adding attractive picture card coasters. Go for coasters that are colorful and have an ethnic appeal. Take time to surf through the different options and pick what goes best with the ambiance of your house and gives it the feel of a card player’s home.

Innovative Card Holders

There are many variants in cardholders available online. The innovative acrylic card holders are ideal for people who wish to hold an arranged hand of cards in a proper fashion. There are impressive wood cardholders too that help you keep the cards arranged on a stand that can be placed on your coffee table stylishly. You may also find designer cardholders that appear like a show item when placed on the tabletop.

Efficient Card Shufflers

Shuffling your playing cards the traditional way may now look odd. Be stylish and purchase one of the modern and innovative card shufflers. There are many types of shufflers available online and offline. You may pick something that is stylish and yet of good quality. It is ok to invest a bit more on a product of good quality as it will stay intact for a longer period of time.

Modern Score Card Boards

When you have a gathering at home where different rummy players gather on one table to reveal their superior rummy skills, modern scorecards are a must. Check out online stores for innovative rummy digital scoreboards. These will keep track of scores as you play and even help to fix the winner easily.

If you prefer things the traditional way, you may even choose a simple slate and chalk arrangement to maintain the scores for different card game sessions.

Everyone has his or her share of unique ideas to give the house a perfect card game ambiance. The thing that matters most is that the guests should appreciate and enjoy the session completely.

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