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Get ready for a “Mine-Blowing” VR game experience in an alternative western universe.

MeKiwi announces their VR game Cave Digger for PSVR after its huge success on Steam, Oculus, Microsoft and HTC Viveport stores. The game has already been available in English PlayStation Stores since last week. Rest of the European and the American region will get their hands on the game on 25th. The game is released with a very competitive pricing.

The PC version of Cave Digger has launched on PC platforms on May 2018 and since then collecting very positive reviews in all of the stores and been on the spotlight of many famous game Youtubers all across the world. The mining craze seems likely to take over PSVR players as well.

The casual yet mysterious mining game offers multiple endings depending on how you choose to upgrade your tools or what mysteries you pursue to solve. The player starts just with a regular pickaxe, but can quickly purchase more effective tools. The most outstanding tool being the chaos gauntlet, which is powered by powerful gems found in the cave!

Mekiwi’s COO Jani Kaipainen added: “We are very happy to reach players in each store, now in PSVR too, but our excitement doesn’t end here! We are working on a very big expansion to feed the hunger of quality VR content hunters out there and now is a great time to catch this game and get familiar with it!”

The expansion will be free for all Cave Digger owners, regardless of the platform. The update aims to lengthen the gameplay with several hours and adding completely new mechanics and ways to play the game.

Now grab your pickaxe and go to the Frontier. The Nation needs you.

Key Features in Cave Digger

  • 8 unique endings – Some are quite straightforward, others you have to uncover!
  • Plenty of tools – Choose your own way to dig!
  • Numerous riches – Shine bright like a diamond!
  • Tool upgrades – Technology advances in unimaginable ways, making mining more profitable.
  • A competitive mode – Find out who’s the best “Digger” of them all!
  • Free content updates – Besides cute little updates, hold your breath for a giant expansion!

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