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Daedalic Entertainment releases a large update for The Long Journey Home today. Among the new features in the game is a holographic tutorial mode for players to get familiar with the lander and spaceship controls. Players can now get some hands on experience with mining on different types of planets as well as navigating solar systems before embarking on their mission. The Daedalus-7 ship also gets some updated features, including a new damage system that makes it easier to predict when systems are likely to fail.

Additionally, visited planets are now marked on the map, to make sure players do not unintentionally revisit the same location multiple times. The update includes color-coded galactic weapons according to the types of damage. Depending on the color players now know how powerful opponents are which makes it easier for new players – as well as veterans – to decide if it is wiser to fight or retreat. For those players, who would like to get to know the mysterious inhabitants of the galaxy better rather than fighting them, the Story Mode now offers longer encounters and Aliens do not quit out of conversations as quickly as before.

Existing save games and option settings of previous gamefiles are not affected by the update.

Changelog in brief:

  • New training mode
  • Improved damage and malfunction system
  • Wounds and medical systems overhaul
  • New particle effects for all weapons in game
  • Keyboard controls for lander and ship
  • Option menu overhaul
  • Added a checkmark in the system overview that indicates planets already visited
  • Aliens in story mode will talk for longer before getting bored.
  • New quest: “The Return of the King”
  • General bugs & tweaks fixes
  • Gate sound is back
  • Fixed several issues with the system info widget
  • Increased the size of the docking area of the black market
  • Fixed graphical scanner effect when scanning infested planets

You can find a full changelog on Steam.

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