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2018 was a special year when it came to video games. There were so many good games to choose from that we almost didn’t do the IndianNoob GOTY awards this year. But an image of a cat holding a copy of Rainbow Six Seige inspired us to get together and pick one game each editor what they think is their own personal Game Of The Year.

Let’s get this done with before 2018.

God Of War

“For God Of War, The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts. Slick graphics, intelligent level design and crunchy combat have been integrated with a beautiful story and allowed to blossom into rich lore.”


I have been lucky enough to play almost every contender this year. Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Monster Hunter World, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, Destiny 2 Forsaken and what not. So I know what I am talking about. God Of War is undeniable, hands down the best game made this year.

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“Insomniac showed the world how a superhero game is made.”


Unlike Ayush, playing almost all major games released created more of a dilemma for me when I sat down to chose my GoTY. When RDR2’s stellar gameplay edged it towards being the GoTY, GoW’s narrative outshone it. Settling for GoW wasn’t easy though. There was something which was more appealing as a whole. Something which I kept going back to periodically irrespective of the fact whether or not I have a new game to play. That something is none other than Insomniac’s spectacle, Spider-man.

Even though I have a strong affinity towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spiderman has never been my favourite superhero (I know I’ll be getting a lot of hate for that), so no bias here. There were many allegations regarding the game’s similarity to the Arkham games, but inspiration from the best is what you need to surpass the best. And Insomniac excelled in that, undoubtedly.

Spiderman Review

Artifact Monster Hunter World

“I was curious when I saw the trailers for Monster Hunter World, which seemed to have the same theme. I was blown away when I got to play it. Did I mention that the game has pets too and that you can dress them up in dresses made of monster hides?”


The game shines in the coop department, being an attractive time-sink for players who want to take on the challenges in the New World with their friends. Admittedly, the sink of Western gaming culture has led to the rise of many promising Japanese titles, and Monster Hunter World is one of the best possible Japanese titles of the current genre and a must play coop game. I would have liked to say more, but a contract on a Behemoth is waiting, and the squad’s getting impatient.

Monster Hunter World Review

Fallout 76 Warhammer Vermintide 2

“Violent, chaotic, beautiful”


There are no better words to sum up Warhammer: Vermintide 2. A game has to be special if a guy who hardly plays any game for more than a hundred hours has clocked in more than 500 hours and continue to do so every single day. Vermintide 2 has taken the 4 player co-op formula of L4D2 and shaped it up to something truly unique. Featuring near-impeccable first-person melee combat, excellent level and enemy design and an aggressive soundtrack by Jesper Kyd makes Vermintide 2 the best game I have played this year.  Holy Sigmar, bless this ravaged game!

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Agree with our choices? Don’t think we have picked the right games. Let us know what your GOTY of 2018 is in the comments. Until then have a great new year ahead.

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