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Microsoft finally etched the Scorpio specs in stone by launching a webpage with the official specifications on 6th April. Not long after the announcement and before a day had gone by, there were quite a few articles either over-hyping the console or predicting doom for the Scorpio.

As a mid gen upgraded console gears up for release, here are the 4 kinds of articles you will find the internet flooded with for the next few months both before and after Scorpio’s launch.

4. Sales Figure Comparisons

Now sales comparisons aren’t inherently a bad thing in their own right and it really encourages companies/corporates to come up with their best foot forward. For big companies, analyzing these kinds of reports is a crucial part of how they will take strides in terms of development in the future.

But when general people get a hold of this data, they mostly use for nothing more than wage console wars. Something like:

Oh hey, my black box’s company sold a similar black box to X number of people. Your black box’s company didn’t even sell half of that

This becomes even more RETARDED when extended to games:

“Oh hey, look, this game sold more on my version of the black box, seems like gamers with your version of the black box don’t support good games (By looking at the rating on Metacritic of all places)”.

Both of these arguments are downright stupid in my opinion, because by bashing people who own the other console you are not helping the brand you are loyal to, you are just spreading toxicity.

3. Why you Should/Should not Buy Scorpio Opinions

I am sure you have already seen/read heaps of these

Each one speaking about the bloom, doom and gloom of the console without letting the thing even release. Maybe all of that is true in this present moment of time, but we can never say what a huge corporate like Microsoft is planning (*Looks at Scalebound and rethinks this statement*).

While there are quite a few media outlets that have somehow come to know the future of the console, the sensible consumer should wait for Microsoft to show off whatever they can pre-Scorpio and analyze the pros and cons before buying into it, while opinions constantly keep rolling out pre and post release of Scorpio.

2. YouTube/Media ‘Fanboys’ Driving Agendas

Gaming, as we all know is still a very niche hobby. But in the past few years, it has grown substantially and considering the crowd there are quite a few niches inside the gaming community, a majority of which are based on genres like- RPGs, Side scrollers, RTSs, MOBAs, Open World, FPS, Survival, Horror, Sims etc, and among them, the most cancerous of category of selection of niche has to be the ‘<InsertBlackBoxName>’Gamer.Now again, inherently they are not supposed tobe bad, but most of them just use these channels to bash on the other black box owner. I am not going to take the names of the cancerous ones (Because why give them attention), but I would like to point out two of such channels that have done it completely right- PlayStation Access and Outside Xbox. Both of these , YouTube channels have a good amount of well done content for the console their names suggest and just enjoy the games.

1. Building PCs Comparable To Scorpio With Same Price

This is probably going to be the most popular trend following the launch of Scorpio. There  could be pieces which may over-estimate the performance of the Scorpio or some which would compare it to potatoes and stones. Neither might be really accurate but by January of 2018, we are going to have a lot of articles/videos flooding in with builds that will be comparable to the Scorpio.

A logical gamer might also do it based on Digital Foundry’s benchmarks AFTER the console is released, but who wants to wait for them. Strike it while the SEO is hot.

In conclusion, I would like to say that, don’t buy into the hype of the Scorpio, but also don’t go listening to people who speak in a negative light before the console has actually released. What do you think about the trends? Let us know that and more in the comments below.

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