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The Case of the Golden Idol is indeed a complex name that leaves you wondering what the game is about. The game is a point-and-click styled, detective game, that has a perfect systematic flow. Wipe your detective glasses clean because you will need your eyes at every single pixel that hides a clue to the mystery. 

Developed by Color Gray Games, the game is set to release on Steam with a Demo now available. Wish to play it yourself? Click here and continue to read while your demo downloads. 

Focus. And See what no one sees. 

What made me fall in love in an instant is how easy it is to figure out the game. Right off the start, you get 2 options to play the game with – Highlighted and Highlights off. While the Classic Detective games want you to click all over the places, if you’re in the learning phase and just want to try the genre, take no shame in going ahead with the Highlighted option. 

Clicking on clues reveals either textual information or a crucial clue that can be further worked upon to create a formidable deduction. Cross connecting all the clues with crucial clues will finally help you unravel the truth, and trust me the feeling when every piece falls into place, is out of this world. 

Clicking on clues allows you to fill a dashboard of clues present at the bottom of the screen. These clues a smartly colour coded based on their uses. Uses can vary between – Names, Weapons, Clothing, Time, etc. While deducing your final decision, the colour codes allow you to easily fill every corresponding clue. 

The Case of the Golden Idol

Going in towards higher levels increases the difficulty. More characters, and more happenings, only make it harder for you. And easier for the killer to blend in with the crowd. In this case, you might want to look at clues that are not clickable. Coordinate clues with time and think about what happened when, and who was present at a place at a certain time. We’re already making this hard for you, aren’t we?

A Tribute to the Pixel Art Style

Pixel Art Games has always found a special place with us. But the true pixel art that was practised in the days of NES ad more consoles is like a cherished memory to us all. The Case of the Golden Idol utilizes that art style and does it as better as it could ever get. 

The Case of the Golden Idol

Combined with horrific music, you’re absolutely sure to get nightmares when you’re focused and the music plays along while you use every last piece of brain cell. I haven’t encountered any jump scares yet, but if the full release might end up having some, I’ll make sure NOT to let you know even then. You’re welcome.

Perfect Demo.

The idea behind demos initially was only to give players a feel of what they are spending their money on. As time progressed, demos grew less and less. And the demos that were available only featured mechanics or a hint towards where the storyline leads. 

The Case of the Golden Idol

The Golden Idol perfectly does what a Demo should – Make people want more of it. The starting chapters start with pretty straightforward mysteries so that people can the grip of the game. But once they are past that, the game challenges you to put every single dot together. 

The Golden Idol has been one of the most important game demos of Gamescom 2022. We at Gameffine recommend everyone, give The Case of the Golden Idol a shot. The gameplay is simply intriguing captivating and beautiful. Go ahead, the demo is now available on Steam. 


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