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Initially, I had never ventured into the intriguing world of roguelite games. But as time passed, I explored many great and many as annoying as possible games over the years. But this balanced experience always wants me to try and discover games that will give the roguelite genre the attention it deserves.

Presenting – Post Void. An already tried and tested formula by the legendary reviewer – Jay almost three years back, but now on the most popular handheld console – Nintendo Switch. (Don’t get mad dear steam deck owners).

Fast-paced games that require you to go as fast as possible may not sound like an excellent idea for the switch, but I was proven wrong. Crafted with perfection, a captivating procedural world-building, and an immersive, fast-paced experience, here’s our review for Post Void (again).

Where Art Thou?

As the name suggests, Post Void is a time that does not exist in reality. Every time you wake up, you begin the same loop again. But things are slightly different, as hope exists. A flower that promises to fix things. But can something be resolved if the path that you walk on will drive you insane?

A constant battle, a gore-filled fight, and a race against time. To live, you must kill and can never stop on that journey. You can run, but you can not hide. You will be chased and slowed down every step of the way, but you have to kill and run to the other side of this world.

Post Void is simple to play but the hardest to complete. You will spread blood, blow heads, and slide to the end. There is no other option; there is no other hope. This is your one chance; make it count.

The Fastest Bullet Frenzy

Post Void takes you on a psychedelic journey of the ideology that nothing is true and everything you do is inaccurate. It just happens because it is supposed to. Every corner you turn to will have a creature gunning you down or chasing you to be your end while your end life is running out. But what is the meaning of life when you’re living it for a plant, not yourself? And the worst of all, you only get this magic fluid if you endlessly slaughter everything that comes your way in a blink.

The game is built on a 2D engine but has been smartly crafted in a way that it gives the illusion of 3D format like a boomer shooter. It utilizes the brightest colour of the pallet to make enemies easily distinguishable. Even one entire second is a lot for you to wait; you need to react faster, run faster, dash quicker and, more importantly, escape more quickly.

As for what happens in the game, you have to cross a total of Eleven levels, each with increasing difficulty. Each map is procedurally generated, eliminating repetitiveness and giving you a new map each time you start a run.

Oh, and the best part? Each time you clear a level, you’ll be rewarded with power-ups like – More Life, Weapon Upgrade, Finish Line Pointer, Ricochet and more. Utilize them well as your difficulty increases.

If you want a spectacular in-depth knowledge of what you’ll deal with, I highly recommend checking out our previously published in-depth review for Post Void.

The Switch Experience

Now the question is, is the bang enough for the buck? The simple answer is YES! and the honest answer is WHY NOT?

From a variety of FPS or, tbh, any genre that requires a fast-paced reaction time, the Switch has not been the best platform. We are discussing a console where games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet failed to perform stably for an exclusive venue.

But, as far as the performance of Post Void goes, it has performed brilliantly and without any issues or frame drops. It hasn’t lagged, glitched or faced any errors in our playthrough sessions.

More importantly, aiming the joy-cons has been easy and sometimes works better because having a better sway control allows you to always keep a head-level aim. Adjusting your movement and slightly altering the purpose give you the perfect objective and speed that the game demands. For non-Lite users, if you have the Nintendo Pro Controller or a Switch Compatible controller, you might even get COD-style shooting to feel with the game.


Post Void is mindlessly Fast and Furious. (Pun game too good?). The tempo of the entire tries to push you to go even faster, which is complimented by the fantastic mechanics of movement. The shooting feels responsive, and even on a portable console, it provides a brilliant, fast-paced experience.


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