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Journey to Un’Goro is now released, and has resulted in the formation of some very powerful decks, all utilizing the new mechanics of Adapt and Quest in various ways to win the game. Powerful new combos and a lot of variety means the meta has a lot of decks that people are actively playing, unlike the stale Gadgetzan meta.

Apparently, with the rotation of The Grand Tournament, League of Explorers and Blackrock Mountain, some powerful decks, especially highlander decks are no longer viable in standard format, with the loss of their powerful comeback card Reno Jackson. Some powerful control decks also lose Elise Starseeker, which technically helps one comeback as one summons the Golden Monkey to transform all minions left in the deck and hand into random legendaries. Aggro cards like Totem Golem and Tunnel Trogg, which helped Shaman retain tier 1 spot for quite a few months, are no longer in standard. Even certain midrange decks relying on the jade golem mechanic to storm the board are no longer with the loss of Brann Bronzebeard. Dragons are almost completely eliminated from the meta, with Blackrock mountain moving out.

Tempostorm has released the first meta snapshot for Un’goro. As expected, from the frequent rants and excess salt on forums, Pirate Warrior retains its place as the most viable deck for climbing the ranks, mostly because it lost very little to the standard rotation. Another new form of ‘cancer’ has emerged in the form of Quest Rogue. It is after a lot of time that Rogue is a tier 1 deck, which is a site worth seeing. Miracle rogue moves to tier 1, with replacements for the cards lost to the rotation. Control warrior, or quest warrior, or taunt warrior is another viable deck. Shaman,no longer a tier 1,but a tier 3 class. Elemental shaman and Quest shaman or murloc shaman lives on feebly as an “okayish” deck in the meta (which is saying something, considering Shaman’s continuous dominance for a few months). The cheapest and all-rounder deck, surviving in Hearthstone since its inception, Zoolock continues to make an impact on the ladder, and with new cards to back up the archetype.

Even then, the variety of decks evolved since Un’Goro’s release is continuously increasing. And regardless to say, it will be a fun meta considering the lack of stagnation which had risen due to a few overpowered cards from the Gadgetzan meta. So how was your first week at Un’Goro?

For those willing to consult it, the meta snapshot can be found here.


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