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If you’re an college student, or even one interested in technical stuff, then tech fests are some of the best place to satisfy your thirst for participation. Workshops and events on a wide range of topics are the order of the day, making you dabble in a wide range of topics – Internet of Things, Web Development, Machine Learning, Robotics, Programming Languages, Gaming and so much more! Robo-wars, robo-races, codathons, quizzes, and gaming events are all the rage. If we talk about gaming events, NFS Most Wanted, FIFA, DOTA 2, Counter Strike (1.6 and GO) and now PUBG Mobile come to our mind. But what happens when you add Contra, Tetris, Roadrash or Smash to that? That’s exactly what Techno India University is doing at their Tech Fest called Techno Vivarta.

The retro gaming corner is an unique addition no other college in the city has ever thought about before. The corner plans to send participants on a nostalgic journey back to their childhood,when they used to go gunning for glory in Contra, or smash it up in Smash 64 on their cheaper knockoffs of the Nintendo consoles (Hey! It’s not their fault, the actual consoles cost a fortune back then, and had to be imported, making them even more expensive and out of reach for an average consumer). When it comes to PC, fighting out with cops and other racers for glory in Road Rash or even trashing the bad guys in Virtua Cop 2 or the undead in House of the Dead was quite something. You get to experience it all – how it started, and how much gaming has changed since its inception.

Be sure to check out the retro gaming section at Techno India University, Salt Lake if you are in Kolkata and have some time to spare. Of course, the guys also have a wide range of other gaming events including FIFA 19, CSGO, DOTA 2, Tekken 7 and PUBG Mobile, so you can participate in those too, if that floats your boat. Here’s to hoping their idea actually inspires other colleges to keep retro-inspired themes in their fests too, and it becomes a thing throughout the country.

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  1. Way to go TIU. Keep it up. With this step we hope to go even higher up. Sky is the limit. Thank you for maintaining the perfect balance between academics and recreation. Proud to be a part of this university.

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