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Sony recently hosted Investor Relations Day 2017 in Tokyo and gave us some insights about it’s products including PlayStation Network and PSVR.

Tsuyoshi Kodera of Sony Interactive Entertainment, during the conference mentioned that the growth and development of the PS4 ecosystem was “highly successful”, citing the launch of PS4 pro and the release of PlayStation VR.

Sony also reports that their online subcribtion-based service, PlayStation Plus, has reached to 26.4 million paying subscribers at the end of fiscal year 2016 (March 31st, 2017), which is a really good thing considering last year’s 20.8 million count. Additionally, they’ve also reported that PlayStation Network is now a staggering 70 million monthly active users family.

As talk of PlayStation VR, Sony will try to expand the headset in gaming and entertainment medium as well. They’ll be bringing movies and music contents to PlayStation VR.

At the end of the meeting, Sony expects to grow the PS4 business further,including PlayStation VR.

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