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Saibot studios, developers of the well received oldschool fps Hellbound- Survival Mode has announced that they will be entering a kickstarter campaign to release the single player campaign of Hellbound. 

Hellbound was announced to be a successor to oldschoold fps like Doom and Quake earlier this year. What stopped Saibot from developing a full fledged single player campaign to the game was obviously financial troubles, among other things. Hellbound- Survival Mode, a horde mode prelude to the campaign was released on 22 February 2018 and was well received all across the board for its fun gameplay and solid shooting mechanics. The reception of the survival mode has prompted developers Saibot Studios to try their luck in the crowdfunding platform Kickstarer. 

Hellbound will be entering Kickstarter on May 9, 2018 and the devs has just created a Thunderclap if you want to support them by sharing the news during the date of the release. You can check out the Thunderclap here.

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