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Nomad Games is proud to announce the launch of Talisman: Digital Edition on the PS4 and PS Vita today! Six adventurers can journey across dangerous lands, fighting their way through dense forests and searing deserts on a race to the Crown of Command. Players will need strength, courage and some good dice rolls to fight off monsters, discover hidden treasures and form allegiances.

Talisman is Games Workshops’ epic role-playing board game, faithfully adapted and re-imagined by us here at Nomad Games for the Playstation 4 and Vita.
There are a host of heroes to choose from as well as a number of expansions, giving the game endless replay-ability and a different story line each game. Visit the City to trade your gold for much needed resources, battle through bone-chilling storms in the Frostmarch, brave the Dungeon for untold treasures all while avoiding the deadly Reaper! These are just some of the epic expansions included in the PlayStation version.

Talisman: Digital Edition on PS4 is cross play with Vita and comes complete with online play, leader boards and detailed interactive tutorials.  Unique to the digital version of Talisman, players can earn experience points by their actions within the game and unlock special Runestone cards as they level up. Runestone cards give the characters extra bonuses and can even be used in online games against other players.

Now fans of the classic board game can gather around their couches and sit together to play this amazing journey which spans the ages. Talisman is a game that appeals to the adventurers in us all – old and young!

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