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Looking Glass‘ cult classic System Shock is considered to be one of the most revolutionary games of all time. Although 24 years haven’t been kind to the seminal title, an enhanced edition, an upcoming remake, as well as its stellar legacy keeps System Shock well and alive in the hearts of many.

While its sequel went on to receive loads of modding support, System Shock received virtually none. But that didn’t stop ‘the-3rdplayer‘, a dedicated modder. Witness System Shock ReWired, the first fan-made campaign for System Shock.

The campaign of ReWired is set in the dark hallways of UNN Bismarck, a medical vessel that has been taken over by the iconic series villain, SHODAN. Once aboard, the player will have to seek out the source of this technological, but also biological infestation and root it out completely.

The 250 KB mod features three all-new levels, four new cyberspace areas, new puzzles and audio logs (no voice acting, though), and a brand-new ship to explore. While the mod is playable on all versions of System Shock, the modders strongly recommend the Enhanced Edition(which is pretty cheap on Steam and GOG as of now).

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