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It has been reported by fnatic’s official twitter page that a prodigious change in roster of two professional CS:GO teams, Fnatic and Faze Clan has occurred out of the blue.

Olof Kajbjer ‘olofmeister’ Gustafsson, infamously renowned for his jump boost(mockingly called olofpass) in the map Overpass is one of the oldest members of the team. Fnatic today, have reported that Olofmeister, who had been captaining the team for long, would be transferred to Faze Clan to replace Maikil ‘Golden’ SelimX who in turn would be replacing him and taking over captaincy in Fnatic.

This is a big blow for those who have been die-hard supporters of the team. Seeing one of the oldest members of the team, who has made history in the CS:GO scene, leave is indeed a trauma that most people won’t be able to cope up with. But we must also remember, that team switches are an integral part of e-sports and is necessary for the fulfillment of people’s desires and aspirations. Without them, the scene cannot flourish to the extent it does now.

With that being said we bid farewell to Olofmeister and good luck in his future career. His former achievements would never be washed away i in our and shall continue live in our memories and inspire and encourage people for years to come.

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