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Overwatch is getting yet another event with Sigma being the center of the stage. The new event puts a new emote as well as a legendary skin for Sigma up for grabs. All one has to do to get the rewards is to get wins in any game mode – Quick Play, Competitive, and Arcade mode. The legendary Sigma skin gets rewarded at 9 wins, and it definitely looks like something worth the effort after all those matches.

The event runs from today till July 27, so make sure to get those sweet, sweet wins by then to add the skin to your collection. If you’re exhausted and want to take a break, watching Overwatch streams for the duration of the event awards special new sprays. There are a total of six total sprays up for grabs for the duration of the event. To get these awesome sprays, all you need to do is watch any Overwatch stream on Twitch with your Blizzard account linked to it. (Please ensure that your Blizzard account is linked to the Twitch account you are using to watch the streams – you wouldn’t be getting the rewards otherwise).

The new event also celebrates the launch of the new soundtrack – Overwatch : Cities and Countries. The new soundtrack features the themes of all Overwatch maps and missions across the world. Players can head over to the main Overwatch website and hit up their favorite platform to stream the new soundtrack for themselves.

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