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Awaken Realms Digital announced that their dark fantasy open-world RPG Tainted Grail is now available on Steam Early Access. The Early Access version includes not one, but two games. The first is the beginning of a regular single-player campaign, offering around three hours of gameplay. The second, Conquest, is a new game mode combining hardcore RPG mechanics with a dynamic gameplay experience taken from the roguelike genre.

Watch the Tainted Grail Steam Early Access launch trailer, and the Conquest mode trailer, before you immerse yourself in this unique universe:

You can purchase the Early Access version of Tainted Grail from Steam and GOG.com now

Tainted Grail is a dark, open-world fantasy RPG. It is based on a deep and immersive story from one of the best board games (the biggest Kickstarter project of 2018!) but introduces a totally new experience crafted specifically for PC. Full of stirring art and incredible non-linear narrative content, the game will offer a unique mix of discovery, challenge, and exciting cRPG character progression, as well as a deep, tactical combat system.

The game is now available on Steam Early Access and GOG.com Games in Development.

Anyone interested in and willing to discuss the game’s development is invited to join the Discord channel.

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