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Lawbreakers is a class based FPS game with heavy focus on an all round offensive team play and separates itself from other FPS/MOBAFPS by being a good middle-ground between those two genres, and by having various gravity fields around the map.

The game is a mix between  Fast paced FPS and Moba based abilities, it seems more appealing than Quake Champions or even Overwatch and capitalizes on the current hero/champion based class system that Overwatch brought into FPS from MOBA. With amazing graphics drived from the Unreal Engine it is a fast paced game that we think would be a perfect fit for those who are tired of the Call of Duty’s formula and can’t get into Overwatch due to it’s slightly more complex nature.

LawBreakers is priced at a modest 29.99$ which we are certainly not going to complain about and looks interesting enough to give it a whirl.

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