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You had conquered 454B, mastered the art of survival in water, successfully cured yourself off Kharaa, and made yourself a rocket to escape the planet. Now be ready to return to the planet, fully equipped, to reclaim your destiny. Subnautica’s Below Zero, a DLC that has been hinted at in the coming months, has been officially announced by Unknown Worlds.

The expansion seeks to take the game back to planet 454B, albeit with more preparation than last time. The protagonist seemingly is also different, which is seen from the lines :

“An alien civilization we can compare star charts with? That’s our holy grail. We never expected we’d actually find it.” – Unknown Alterra Employee

This actually is a reference to the original protagonist, a worker aboard the Aurora, which is a ship under the Alterra Corporation.

The game adds the Arctic Biome, while maintaining several core aspects of Subnautica, while expanding on new features to enable survival in the new biome. The new DLC will also release in Early Access, and features will be added to the game based on the feedback given by the players.


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