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Dontnod Entertainment will be releasing their next narrative game, Twin Mirror, a psychological detective thriller, on Epic Games Store (timed 1-year exclusivity), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on December 1. Twin Mirror is their first self-published title, and they are co-producing it with Shibuya Productions.

The story is about a former journalist, Sam Higgs, who returns to his hometown, Basswood, West Virginia, to say a ‘final farewell’ to his best friend. He gets entangled with the town’s dark secrets and his own troubled history with his loved ones. He has to use his deductive reasoning and memory visualization skills to reconstruct key events, revisit his past to navigate through the mystery of his own mind. As the protagonist, you will be able to make decisions, interact with colorful characters, and discover new places.

This announcement comes less than two weeks after their last game Tell Me Why‘s release. The game was published by Xbox Game Studios. The three episodes of the game manage to tell a rich story from a unique perspective, complete with a satisfying ending.

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