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ARK : Survival Evolved had a pretty gruesome underlying story, which could be found in the explorer’s notes from the explorers who survived in the ARKs before the player. Ascension to the spaceship on Aberration allowed the player to move to a separate ARK, which had destroyed buildings, and looked like a destroyed city at the end of Aberration. As teased by the official page, the name of the DLC was ARK : Extinction, the third official DLC map for ARK : Survival Evolved.

ARK : Extinction takes the game to the ultimate challenge, Earth itself. Ravaged for unknown reasons, its destroyed buildings stand the test of time, as the survivors return to face all sorts of new challenges. Many creatures have mutated, while many creatures have developed a synthetic nature. Yup, creatures both organic and synthetic roam on the planet, hiding the biggest challenge – the Titans, which dominate the Earth’s ecosystem. Will the survivors, with their acquired experience manage to complete the ARK cycle and save Earth itself?

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