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Warner Bros and IO Interactive today released another Hitman 2 trailer, providing the first in-depth look at the remote village hidden in the heart of  the Colombian wilderness.

The beautiful village of Sant Fortuna is the home of the Delgado Cartel. As luck would have it, all three of 47’s high-profile targets currently are in the area. The trailer shows Agent 47 make his way to Colombia, where the environment is his ally against heavily armed soldiers and overwhelming odds.

Players will need to make use of their surroundings in clever ways in order to assassinate members of the cartel. The level comprises of the cartel’s mansion and surrounding grounds, including coca fields and a network of caves and ruins, with its own inhabitants. The trailer also shows 47’s ability to use foliage to evade detection and hide bodies, and of course, sneaking behind his foes to dispatch them.

The trailer takes us back to the Colombian jungle levels in the first Hitman game- Codename 47. 

Hitman 2 will be available on November 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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