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If last night you happen to check out your Steam account you would have witnessed a strange (but rather exciting) thing. That strange thing is nothing but the new Just Cause 4 game ad from the same studio that had freshly revealed a new game just hours before.

So, last night, Steam ran a pre-order ad for Avalanche Studios’ yet-to-be-revealed Just Cause 4, however, clicking the ad for further details didn’t redirect the users to the game’s store page but to Steam’s front page instead. Thankfully, a Twitter user took the screenshot of the listing which can be seen below:

Just Cause 4
Source: Lashman.

Just Cause 4 was also explicitly listed on the infamous Walmart leak among others. And that pretty much says it all. The Walmart leak wasn’t just a hoax. So we are due for a Gears Of War 5 leak maybe? Or Borderlands 3? Possibly a new Forza Horizon game too? Well, all things considered, expect an E3 reveal in the coming days. You can also check out the E3 2018 schedule here.

Source: ResetERA.

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