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Steam sets a new record, as it surpassed its pervious concurrent users record which was at 11.1 million (as of October 31, 2015).

At the time of this post, Steam has peaked at 12,332,504 concurrent users, in which Dota 2 is stealing the first spot peaking at 940,373 players, along with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fallout 4 peaking at 652,925 and 116,599 respectively (see the image below). For latest stats click here.


Earlier this December, Steam faced some technical issues, as it exposed personal information of about 34,000 users during their Christmas and Winter sale. Afterwards, the company apologized for the brief privacy breach saying that their servers undergoes from several DDos (Denial-of-service) attack.

But looking at its record-breaking peak, it seems that the Christmas issue didn’t affect much to this PC gaming giant. Last year at this very time, Steam reached 8.5 million concurrent users, and soon after it established 10 million users as of June, 2015.

I think that, Steam’s massive Winter sale is the reason behind its record-breaking Peak. What do you think, Guys? Tell us in the comment below.

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