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RSI’s annual event, CitizenCon, is going to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 27th. The event will start at 2pm and run until 10pm UTC+2 with multiple sessions and areas dedicated to hands on demos, one-on-one developer demos and in-depth panels. The full schedule can be found here.

Alpha 3.0 is a major step forward for Star Citizen as it introduces planet technology that delivers first person environments on a planetary scale, expanding the potential play areas exponentially, at a quality level that matches the biggest AAA games. It also has the first use of their scalable and procedural mission and AI system, Subsumption, that will deliver a living universe of opportunity, full of AI as well as players. They have overhauled their ship UI and built the equivalent of an in-game smartphone — the all new mobiGlas. The item system for ships, clothes and armor has been completely refactored to be modular and mimic real life in terms of function, allowing for emergent gameplay from these dependencies. These mechanics have been engineered for multiplayer and to be scalable, handle players all over space, no matter their location, with proper game persistence. This is all ground-breaking technology that the developers have built from scratch with players’ support and far beyond the initial pitch for Star Citizen.

Squadron 42 will be the focus of their Holiday Livestream in December, where they will preview some gameplay and share the development roadmap for its completion. The single player campaign, Squadron 42, shares a large amount of technology and content with Star Citizen and both games fuel each other. Technology built for Squadron 42 allows for a better experience in Star Citizen and technology for Star Citizen opens up opportunities that take Squadron 42 to another level.  Subsumption is an example of technology that is critical for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. The Item 2.0 refactor and the Player Interaction Mode were essential for Star Citizen and it is now allowing new and varied gameplay in Squadron 42. Planet Tech, the Zone System and 64-bit precision allows us to expand the playscape for Squadron 42 to solar system scale.

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