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PC Building Simulator 2

Spiral House and Epic Games’ much-anticipated game PC Building Simulator 2 launches on the Epic Games Store today. PC Building Simulator 2 is the sequel to the 2018 cult hit PC Building Simulator. From October 12 – 19, players will receive a launch week discount of 10% off the regular £19.99/€24.99/$24.99 price. As a “thank you,” players who participated in the free open beta test earlier this year will receive a 15% discount off the regular price through the end of 2022.

PC Building Simulator 2 pushes the limits of virtual PC creation, rendering players’ dream machines in more detail than ever before. Launching with over 1,200 officially licensed parts from industry giants like AMD, Intel, NVIDIA and enthusiast brands like Thermal Grizzly, players will be able to take their builds to the next level.

Career Mode sports a brand new 30+ hour story. Players start their own business by repairing and building PCs, with options to personalize their workshop and unlock new tools as they level up. Customization options are greatly expanded in PC Building Simulator 2, and creativity can run wild in Free Build Mode, where players will find all the components they need to construct the ultimate bespoke rig. With deeper hardware and software simulation, players can go further into their systems than ever before.

PC Building Simulator 2 features:

  • A brand new, in-depth, 30+ hour career mode
  • 1,200+ individual PC parts at launch
  • Improved and updated visuals
  • Takes hardware and software simulation to the next level
  • Customization of PC cases with spray paint, stickers and vinyl wraps
  • Brand new features such as thermal imaging, power monitoring, revamped thermal paste, and custom VRM/RAM/GPU water blocks
  • Addressable RGB lighting with sequenced animation
  • Share PC builds with our community via the new .pcbs file format

PC Building Simulator 2 is available now on the Epic Games Store.

Check out Spiral House on their official site and Twitter, and keep up with Epic Games on their store and Twitter.

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