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CI Games, creators of the Sniper Ghost Warrior and Lords of the Fallen series of games, has announced that Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 will be delayed until Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

After some internal discussion with the development team, a decision was made to delay the release three more weeks to complete some final implementations based on feedback CI Games received during the beta.

“We’ve worked tirelessly creating a whole new Sniper Ghost Warrior experience set in an ambitiously crafted open world new to the series,” said said Marek Tyminski, CEO of CI Games. “While it’s an unfortunate decision to delay the game one last time, we believe these final changes will result in a better experience for players worldwide on day one. Thank you for your patience – we know the wait will be worth it.”

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 tells the story of brotherhood, faith and betrayal in the most complete sniper experience ever. Take the role of an American sniper named Jonathan North, who is dropped into enemy territory in northern Georgia, nearby Russian borders. Explore large open-world maps with dynamic weather and a day and night cycle that actually impacts play and decisions. Customize weapon equipment, accessories, vehicles and a drone, and utilize the three pillars of gameplay to your liking: Sniper, Ghost and Warrior.

  1. The game will be awesome but is it really necessary to delay it again? Don’t get me wrong I will wait for it but it’s just that I’ve been waiting for a long time now

      1. Yeah you are right it’s only a few weeks. Not a big prize to pay… I hope the game will be worth the wait

  2. I though that 4th April was final date, but i was wrong. Im glad, that CI Games still work under this game and dont waste time. Morover – they need more time. But not so long, just to make game better experience to us all.

    1. You’re right. It’s only 3 weeks. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time so I don’t mind waiting a bit longer

      1. I think I’ve first heard about SGW 3 in early 2015 so it’s 2 years for me. How about you man? Have you been waiting for it longer?

        1. I’m not quite sure. They have announced the game in late 2014 but at that time I didn’t here about it. I think I got the news just about the time you did

    2. Stop complaining. It’s beter to wait more and play better game than some crap with bilions of patches.

      1. Im only syaing, that i wanted to play SGW3 and im undertsand that they need time to fix some things after open beta. Did you play it?

  3. Many players just wait to pull the tigger in this game. I Hope, that everyone will be pleased after premiere.

    1. I’m sure that SGW 3 will be awesome when it’s released. I hate it when games are being released too early with loads of bugs…

      1. That’s the worst thing that can happen. After the last update NMS is actually getting a bit better. If they would have waited with the release the game might actually have been playable

        1. I didn’t even here about the new update so I guess that you’re right. Keep in mind that NMS was in development for years so the probably wanted to release it instead of working on it another 2 years.

      2. That is one of the most annoying practices in game industry. Thanks to open beta CIG has hands full of work:)

        1. Oh yeah the feedback was massive. I doubt that they expected so many people to play the beta tests and provide their feedback. Good for them I guess

          1. I want to see thier faces after all these mails and posts on forums:) And im more than a sure, that they didnt know what to say. And what they say was censored;)

          2. We will see, but game looks good, and CIG just can’t screw it. I like the idea of mixing the styles, and ofc. the drone. I hope, i will be really pleased after premiere.

  4. Lel, another delay… I hope that this is really the last time, because after playing beta I’m very curious about full game !

    1. What can we do? 3 weeks isn’t eternity, I think we can make it. And I’m sure this is the last time.

      1. I know man, but have you seen the latest gameplay ? this will be probably the best FPS game of 2017 ! can’t wait for it !

  5. I hoped that I’d play this game on 4th April but I’ll wait for it only a bit over a month. They have uploaded this new awesome winter gameplay on yt and I love it!

    1. Hey man please be so nice and post a link here. I’d love to see it and I can’t find any new gameplays. Please write back

      1. Yep, I’d like to see that too. I don’t think it’s the same one I posted few minutes ago. Could sare it for us?

    1. I think that idea of side missions is brilliant, I’m gonna love it. And this gameplay looks just fantastic, it will be a best sniping game ever, far above SE4

        1. hahaha fly like Majestic eagle, fantastic comments! This is like an old school games like carmageddon 😀

        2. lol, this is definition of Rambo style 😀 This video showed me that playing a warrior style could be very funny 😀

          1. CAR, CAR, CAR, like in GTA! HAHA! When you can’t kill someone, just find a car, and BOOOM! Funny trailer.

    2. This is great they’ve decided to do the side missions. It means we will able to play SGW3 a little longer 🙂

      1. Cool graphics and all but I don’t think that this song goes very well with the game. I liked the Georgian folk music a bit more

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