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It looks like Skyrim won’t be getting mods or Creation Club on the Switch, although fans are eagerly looking forward to the same. Todd Howard said at Gamelab last wee: “Skyrim Switch has a big community that we haven’t supported the way we’d like.” When he was further asked about the intention behind the same statement by a Eurogamer reported, he said: “They asked for mods, they asked for Creation Club – ‘When are we getting more stuff?'”

When he was asked what he was doing to rectify it he said “Right now we’re doing nothing. People, they’re on other things. Our Switch group did Fallout Shelter … and that’s done really well. I’m surprised at how well it’s done.” The reported futher inquired: “Will you bring mods to Skyrim on Switch?” to which he replied that “We are not actively doing that, we would love to see it happen but it’s not something we’re actively doing.”

He further added, “We are still pushing on making that easily available to everybody, it definitely becomes this long-tail life of our games but if you look at the raw numbers it’s still not as great as we’d like – the people who are consuming the mods.”

“We are always looking at ‘How do we get more creators creating great content?’ and ‘How do we make it easy and safe?’ The recent stuff we’ve done on the Bethesda.net side of Fallout 4 and Skyrim connecting to mods on consoles has worked out really really great – it’s way more popular than we ever thought. But we still think there’s a way to go there.”

“Even though everyone’s connected and it matchmakes you to an invisible server, and you can play with your friends, we know, based on our history, that the future of [Fallout 76], the long life of it, is in people having their own worlds they can mod and make their own and say, ‘Hey come play in mine and see what I did,'” Howard told Keighley at Gamelab. “Or there’s an easy way for them to get mods and pick and choose ‘I want my game this way’, because no matter what we do, once you release tools and you have this huge community making things, the best stuff rises to the top.”

Switch fans will definitely be disappointed by these statements, but it looks like they may integrate it in the near future. Being hopeful is all we can do right now.

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